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SUVAT is project whose purpose is to develop long-term pro-social activities that enable adolescents to be the media's voice for their stories while also addressing stigma in a united front to reduce the fear of public knowledge generated in youth by perpetrators of violence and human trafficking.


The name SUVAT BLUE came from the words “survivors” and “anti-trafficking” combined and was insipirted by the United Nation’s Blue Ribbon Campaign. This project by Uzima Women Relief Group International (HYPERLINKS) is focused on youth in Toronto and the GTA. The project was funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services by the provincial government.


The program networked these youth as peer resources for each other. Explore our site to see their work! The program begun last summer and a series of workshops on a variety of topics were covered. They were attended by multicultural youth and adults. Eventually, focus groups of Black youth were conducted from March 2022 and are currently ongoing. Some of them agreed to be interviewed in person on video to build toward the media library.


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